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Direct to Garment Printing Service
General Pricing Guide
1-4      T-shirts, Typically $20-30 Each
5-10    T-Shirts, Typically $15-20 Each
12+     T-Shirts can be as low as $8-16

Double sided shirts are approximately 1.6 - 1.9x the prices listed
Long Sleeve - $3 additional
Sweatshirt - $6 additional
Hoodie - $12 additional
Great Benefits Working With Us:

       -Unlimited Colors in Prints
       -Prints have a Soft Feel 
       -Quick Turn Around
       -Short Runs (Small Quantities)
       -Easy Re-order

Pricing depends on the Artwork Set-Up, Color of T-Shirts, Sizes and Quantity
Sleeve and Chest print charge, in addition to shirt prices above; $3-8
White T-shirts do not need a pre-treatment and fall at the low end of these price ranges
Colored or Black Shirts need to be pre-treated so white can be printed first.  Higher end of price range.
When you provide print ready artwork in the form of a .png you also avoid much of the Art Set-up Fees
We have a full line of products available:
 T-shirts (crew, v-neck, scoop), long sleeve, sweatshirts, hoodies, children and toddler sizes as well.
You are welcome to provide your own shirts, but we recommend high cotton content 80-100%